Core Philosophy

Human Spirit / Ethical Business Practice / Protecting Environment

TRZ is an entity whose main driving force is its human resources and plays a vital role in our success. We believe in continuous improvement culture and is always open and keen towards adopting new ideas,methods & technologies which sets us apart from the rest.

By the shared inner spirit of TRZ garments members & executives, the impossibilities of plans are over empowered and turned into possibilities. The seniors keep a sharing attitude across the units to ensure that each of the employees are highly motivated and engaged to see him or herself into the bigger picture and contributes accordingly – It is the culture of the group! Here, we are a mix of  young and vibrant ,knowledgable and experienced,old and new which keeps the environment work-friendly and enjoyable. Not a single moment at TRZ is boring-its always alive & booming!

At TRZ, we believe in producing and delivering high quality, reliable and safe goods and on-time services to our clients. Our core philosophy is to impart a sense of trust & belonging to our customers which builds a strong bondage & partnership.

By the teamwork of highly spirited and skilled personnel, the company is thriving to attain the vision & mission for all those who are connected to it. With such a motivated, highly skilled and professional workforce, TRZ is marching towards its glorious success and world of endless possibilties!